School Discos

Why choose us??


Here at #TeamEvolution our full time professional DJ’s/Entertainers have performed at thousands of school discos, so our 10 years of experience specialising in children’s entertainment means we know exactly what makes the perfect disco!


Organising the Disco


School disco’s are great for children of all ages. If you’re a primary school it normally works best to have your disco in two sections, i.e Key Stage 1 Disco (infants) followed by Key Stage 2 Disco (juniors).


Various durations can be booked, however, an hour or an hour and a quarter for each session is normally about right.


What do we bring?


When it comes to music our DJ’s have their finger firmly on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not in the music world. They come with all the latest tunes that the kids are listening to as well as party classics and party dances! All these tracks will be played on state of the art sound equipment.


Our DJ’s then add to the atmosphere with the latest LED FX Lighting and fabulous coloured lazer lights as well as smoke machines, snow machines and bubble machines, as well as prizes for our carefully thought out school disco games!


Our fabadous DJs!


Having the right equipment is one thing, but you need a super-star school disco DJ to really get the party going!


Our entertainers dedicate their whole lifes to entertaining kids of all ages with their amazing skills and personalities! The DJ will wow the disco goers with their incredible amount of energy and sense of fun!


All of our DJ’s have been trained to engage with the whole room, keep the atmosphere going throughout but at the same time keeping control of the kids from start to finish!


What do they do?


Great music and cool lights and special effects are great but all children get bored easily, so our school disco DJ’s have an array of amazing activities to keep them inspired. There will be the #TeamEvolution disco dance championships, battle of the sexes, the mummy game, the school disco X Factor and many more incredible activities especially aimed at the age group and designed to involve the whole school at the same time.


All these activities along with our DJ’s unique personalties and incredible amounts of energy will guarantee that the pupils at your school will be enthralled with the school disco experience from start to finish!!!

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​